Monday, May 17, 2010

Semester Over, I love Port and Cheese

I have had a busy week with finals and my brother's 21st birthday(which led to copious amounts of delicious food and a trip to Los Olivos Wine Country).

Here are some pics of my Fish Pitcher and Bird Whistle.

The orangish color is Red Iron Oxide stain.. brushed on and sponged off. Where it sticks in the crevices it goes a metallic black. Where it is thin, it stains the stoneware a lovely rusty color. The head is dipped in Turquoise matte, with Poisonous Patina Green brushed on the tips of the feathers for a limey, yellow color.

This fish pitcher didn't turn out at all as planned, but I like it anyway. I was hoping for more dark blues and none of that orange to come through.  I like it anyway, just takes some adjusting to appreciate it for what it ended up being. Control freak must be kept in check.

that's the handle amidst the fins, the hole to pour liquid in is between the fins too. The water/juice/tea, pours out through the mouth.

I have a thing for lazy eyes.

This week we found out Ryan didn't make it to the interview stage of the DGA Assistant Director Training Program. He had been hoping on this for over a year, and applied back in November. While we were both heart broken, we are trying to look at the positive side of things... making a vow to spend this year exploring all the things he has wanted to try and do and never had the time or money to (at least he finally has a full time job - it's been a rough couple years of temporary stuff). We will take scuba classes, he is going to join me in ceramics since he has been pining to try it out himself ever since I started it, and he is gonna take a class on TV production to learn more about the film/tv world of production(he is coming from stage managing in theatre). I don't like dwelling on opportunities lost... instead I think it is really important to be thankful for every little thing in life that makes life beautiful. He will try again next year, and until then, enjoy life.

I know it's not an easy mindset to stay in. I spent a year and a half full of rejection from every single entertainment industry job I sought out in the animation world. I was full of all sorts of gloom about my future... feeling like I was running against a wall. But it is really important to think about the small things that make up happiness. We tend to wrap up all our happiness in big bundles like "career" and "marriage".  They are important, but they are not everything... and just because it takes a little longer to get exactly what we want does not mean we shouldn't be enjoying the journey to get there.

Today I am appreciative for the delicious aged Ports and cheese fondues I consumed in Los Olivos, and the oven roasted mushrooms, asparagus, and homemade Falafels made by my uber talented gramma. I know it's not the answer, but a good falafel can heal a bit of the soul. Man o man.

What little things make you happy? 


  1. OMG! These pieces are awesome!! I especially love the Bird Whistle!!
    I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog!
    (And I'm really craving a Falafel right now! Dangit!)

    My silk-painting brushes make me extremely happy!!!!

    I'll be back - for sure,


  2. Thank you!!

    I took a peek at your website, wowie those silks are beautiful!! It is no surprise your brushes make you happy!

    Glad you stopped by :)

  3. Thanks for the compliment about my work, Vanessa.
    It means a lot, coming from such a talented artist!

    I'm now one of your "Followers", so that I don't miss a thing! :)

    Keep creating those awesome pieces!!

    See you soon!