Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kitty paw prints on dirty car windows

Hi, my name is Vanessa, and I love kitties. Even when they look demonic.

While walking to class today I saw a dirty, filthy, car in the parking lot. It was absolutely covered in kitty paw prints, making a curvy little trail up the hood and windshield. It made my day.

I find kitties irresistable. I take way too many pictures of them, and I even had the balls to submit one for an assignment in an art class when I was at Northwestern. My teacher said... "Normally I can't stand when people bring in pictures of their pets, it is a really amateur move... But there is something about your cat that is really special." And it's true, Master Bails/Bailey(not the crazy nugget of a kitten pictured above...) is quite special in his cantankerous, obsessive, talkative, bratty, entitled, needy, way. He has the personality and stature of both a cat in a french painting and a thuggish bulldog. Everyone thinks so highly of their pets, I am sure. But it's true with mine, lol.

For a few months I tried to convince myself I was turning into a dog person. Instead of watching youtube videos of Maru the cat from Japan diving into boxes, and kittens playing surprised, I pined for puppies. It didn't last long. I don't know what this says about me, but I didn't like that I didn't have to work too hard to get the puppies or dogs to like me. Kitties are a little mysterious, a little wild, and I always feel honored when they find my company pleasurable to them. 

There is something uber delightful and delicious and soul soothing about coming home from work and plopping on the bed and closing your eyes, to have a wet little nose dab at your eyelids and tickle your cheeks with the vibrations of purring. Puuuuuuurrrring, the most calming sound. 

I am going to stop before I really start to sound like crazy cat lady. Before I go into depth about how I used to quiz myself and write extra curricular book reports on cat breeds... write pages of lists naming my future cats (including show names and breeds) and designing maps of fictitious lands where everything was wittily named after cat vocabulary (The Purrcific Ocean....). Yeaaaaaah.

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