Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Captain Obvious: Food is Delicious

We have made some delicious meals since we have our own kitchen again; some so delicious I forgot to get the camera out to document them before they were gobbled up.

Exhibit A: Further Proof of my boyfriend's awesomeness. He made me sushi from scratch on Valentine's day. Tempura sweet potato rolls with cream cheese, spicy brown mayo, avocado, cucumber, and Unagi sauce. While I love the Shrimp and crab rolls too, those Sweet potato rolls are my favorite, an inspiration from our favorite sushi restaurant in Chicago. 

Exhibit B: After trying Indian food for the second time a year or so ago (The first time involved some dry Tandoori Chicken and gritty Samosas), I have been on a journey to learn how to make it at home.

I took a Korma base, and then added a bunch of my own ingredients. Add some Naan from Trader Joe's,  and Voila! Not exactly fully home cooked... but that Naan from Trader Joe's is so delicious I can't imagine replicating it at my Indian Cooking Skill Level yet.

Exhibit C: Not food related. Just an Obligatory Cat Picture.

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