Friday, November 5, 2010

Flies should not be breeding in my Pumpkin

a few of my recent ceramic adventures and glaze experiments

My dear rotting pumpkin. He got more and more sinister as the days went by. This is him at his freshest.
Day by day he contorted and dried out... his grin growing more sinister as his teeth shriveled into pointy evil nubs and his nostrils enlarged into a full flare. Yesterday I decided it was time for his removal when I saw a bevy of flies escape out of his eye holes.The green mold was a tad much as well.

And now a couple more pictures of the pieces up above... Trust me when I say there have been a lot of busts lately. I have been experimenting with my glazes more and it doesn't always lead to greatness. I should probably put up an example so you can see what I mean. 

I brought back the owl in mug form to test it out for the possibility of making something that is quick and easy to sell. Everyone loves mugs right?


  1. The pumpkin is lovely and I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE the owl mug!! I would definitely buy one!!

  2. Very nice pictures - I really like this random patterns evolving on the seams of the different bordering layers/colours. Really lovely, how they meander in each other and everything !

    The pumpkin carving thingee looks grand - I'm quite curious how it will turn out. It reminds me of something I found on Mike Brent's darkmater blog: Shrunken heads from apples (

    I see a pattern in your work: the glazing on the bowls (etc.) and the pumpkin have in common, that there is quite an amount of "out of control area" - at the seams of the different colours (layers), the colours meander into each other; where the pumpkin, given a shape, will turn into something else from the form you gave it.

    Interesting, how the 'art' is given free space to develop in something not so controlled. Letting things process and stuff.

    At least, this is what I see... but it looks great !