Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year in triptychs

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January 2009
Digging for Sandcrabs right before the wave comes in.
Frozen Yogurt dripping down sunburnt arms.
Dancing on the top of Topanga Canyon.

February 2009

A damn good Tuna Melt on Venice Beach. A major spelling Fail.

March 2009

The Loud Crunch of eating Rice Crackers in a Meadow.
Suspicious Gophers eating Banana Chips.
Finding treasure in the mountains above Malibu(also
known as the nerdy hobby of geocaching. hellz yeah)

April 2009
Melted cheese oozing onto greasy fingers.
The smell of Sweat and Funnel Cakes.
Kicking up Dust and watching Belly dancers.

April 2009, Pt. 2

Oh Grunion Run, you deserve a whole part to yourself.
Easily one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
Thousands of flopping, wriggling, rainbow colored,
fishies mating on an empty beach in the middle of the night.
Grunions do it on Land.

May 2009

Super Soaker battles in the Ruins where Lions and Monkeys used to live.
The smell of urine and Mustard Seed.
"Did you just say, Go back to AFRICA!?" says some irate stranger, realizing
only 5 seconds too late that we were playing Risk in the park.

June 2009
Walls covered in bubblegum.
Rabid Redwood Racoons really love Popcorn and Cheetos.
Bold squirrels steal pretzels.
Eating a Sandwhich while sitting in a chair in the Big Sur River.

July 2009The Best Bagel I have ever eaten was in Mammoth.
Brine flies buzzing and flying in swarms around Mono Lake.
Standing on top of a boulder in the middle of a Yosemite Lake.
Cooking Pad Thai over an open fire by the River and Seeing the Milky Way.

August 2009Bodie Ghost Town. Foggy windows and old jars of Best Food's Mayo.

September 2009Adopted that sweet little BananaHead on the left.
Hippos gliding elegantly under the water.
Kitties walking on Leashes and Dolls with Razor Teeth.

October 2009
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

November 2009Everything changed in November.
I quit the job I hated. I enrolled in school. I went to lots of Zoos.

December 2009
Blue Fingernails and Arm socks.
Red lipstick and Hats in Thrift Stores.
A Heron eating a rat is just not natural.

In 2009 I...
Bought my dream car, my first car, with my own damn money.
Decided to follow my dream in Wildlife Documentary, and go back to school for exotic animals.
Reconnected with some amazing people from highschool. Many a good gamenight.
Successfully completed a bunch of freelance jobs.
Interned at a stop-motion animation studio.
Learned how to make stop-mo puppets.
Taught myself how to make jewelry.
Went geocaching for the first time.

In 2010 I want to...
Apply to the Exotic Animal Program at Moorpark.
Teach myself traditional animation and use my lightboard.
Do more crafts and art and sell things on etsy.
Volunteer at the Wildlife Waystation.
Go camping lots and lots.
Finish hand-painting my car.
Learn to Scuba Dive. Scuba Dive.
Learn how to Weld. Make metal sculptures
Learn how to use a potter's wheel.

Goodbye 2009!

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  1. what a breakdown!!

    nice way to lay it out....sorry I never got to meet ya when you were at Buddy systems.

    Have a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!!!!!