Thursday, April 2, 2009

intro without sound

It's not much, but I was putting this 20 second intro online so my sound designer could have it for creating sound and I thought "what the heck, why not put it on the blog?" The little titles are notes to him, it also doesn't have the 10 second credits in the lower left hand corner yet, but it's the first sequence for you to see!

I am about 75% done color correcting and time tweaking- should see a finished product(ready for final approval) before the weekend :)


  1. I'm gettin' shivers just from this sequence.....

  2. very cool. I like the shot of the window shadow moving over the picture. nice lookin sets!

  3. This looks great. What is the frame speed if I may ask.


  4. Thanks! Conor, the frame speed ranges from 12 fps to 24 fps depending on the shot. I generally shoot in 12 fps, but I often speed it up and cut out those double frames- thus making it 24 fps- the first shot is 12 fps, the second is 12 fps, the 3rd(with the light moving across) I sped up to 24 fps. The girl moving is in 12 fps.
    -everything is played back at 24fps

  5. Beautiful work, I love your lighting!

  6. its coming right along!