Friday, March 20, 2009


I have finished animating 75% of the shots - only one more week to go! I am very happy with how my raw footage is turning out... generally my technique is to animate as best I can, then tweak the timing in after effects my stretching and shrinking the shots where I think it seems too fast or too slow. Rarely I will reshoot if time allows, which I already know I have to do for only one of these shots. I try to animate so that I only have to speed things up if anything, so that I have more frames to work with.

I don't have pics or video of near all the footage I have shot- but I hope this is at least appetite wetting.

Most of these shots have not been tweaked to a finish yet in after effects for timing- but they are maybe 70% done in regards to timing and color. I like to do a general pass while I am in the animating process, then finely finish everything after I have all my footage done.

Here is a mix of stills and video. Sorry for the TERRIBLE youtube quality- it's youtube, what can I say. The originals are crispy and clear. It gets somewhat better with their "High quality" button, but not much.

For some reason I think a lot of frames got cut out because it doesn't look nearly as choppy in the file I uploaded. I am including links where you can download a better quality version too.

In general chronological order..

so after the girl gets pulled into the carcass of a dead pig by the arms of an octopus(which is being shot at the end), she wakes up to see these folks standing over her

The better quality download....

this is a close up of the bee lady looking at her on the operating table

better quality download...

then things start to get a bit weird as we cut back and forth between the scene on the "operating table" and a scene where the girl wakes up on the ground to find herself in an empty cavernous room. There is a wooden box in front of her. She gives it a quizzical look.

She crawls to the box and opens it to find it full of different eyeballs. She picks one up.

The interesting glowy fuzzy look here is obtained by using my fisheye adaptor lens, and then zooming in so that the image gets distorted. I use it for the POV shots.

she looks into the eyes

through the first eye she see the bee lady moving about "playing" music on the flowers.

The video cuts back and forth from shots of the girl at the operating table and her looking through the different eyeballs. Each eyeball shows her a different view of one of the 3 characters. The next is time pig man. he rolls around in circles like a mad man banging on clocks like drums.

next is string man who walks around in this room full of floor to ceiling strings plucking the strings to hear the vibrational sound they make.

here is a short clip, some of the vibrational instruments from pig time man are at the end of the clip.

Better quality download...

through the last eyeball she picks up she sees herself in an empty room with strings attached to herself and no eyeballs

Better quality download...

at the sight of this she gets really disturbed and faints. The eyeball drops out of her hand and rolls on the floor.

we cut back to the operating room and the bee lady pokes the girls leg to see that she can't move her legs. They all look at one another, deciding something needs to be done. This is the string man's look of approval. There are two shots here, I just filmed them consecutively.

Better quality download...

So that's what I have for today. I am not happy with how youtube is playing the footage, I will have to find a better way to show it next time. Something gets lost when youtube compresses it for the internet.


  1. It looks so good!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see the final product.
    I think if you encode in H.264 and then upload that to youtube, the high quality link should look better. Since the flash app for youtube supports H.264, there is no re-encoding done.

    ps. I think that GauvaFoo guy is a shill!

  3. Brilliant! I honestly can't wait to see the finished film! This is defianately my kinda film - and to add to that your showing all the 'making of'! Just Wonderful!

    Keep going man!


  4. I love string man.
    Can't wait for this!
    Hey, Vimeo might be something to consider...the quality is better than youtube IMO.

  5. V-
    This is looking amazing. My patience is being forced to take a time-out and act like an adult!

  6. cool beans ...your a posting machine!!

    thanks for all the lovely visual stimulus.

    I will apply some of the inspiration gained here to my film tonight.