Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fish Bowls and Dusty Pants

      As I type this, my nails are rimmed with Red Ceramic Stain and chipped in all sorts of unevenness that would lead you to believe I have been clawing my way up a cliffside. This is my current excuse for being a very negligent blogger. 20 hours of ceramic class a week. 

At least I finally have something to show for it. Lo and behold, Fish bowl! It is a bowl, sculpted to look like a fish. Har har. 


     I can't get enough of this Turqouise glaze. I love the way it sparkles like stone in the sun. The White Crackle glaze I use on his eye gives a bit of a veiny effect.

     This below, is the bisqueware version of my Dragonfly teapot set. The body is the handle, the mouth is the spout, and the wings are the lid. His body holds about 2 cups of tea.

And those are his complimentary tea cups

I do have a tendency to lean on the side of making things that are just slightly too gross or odd to actually want eat out of. I like it that way.

Oh, and I used a doily to imprint that texture on his wings.

Wings come off as a lid!

This is another bowl I made with a foot... seen here upside down so you can see the carvings on the base.

For mother's day I told my mom and grandma I would make them each a piece of pottery that they wanted. My grandma wanted a serving bowl in red and black,

I combined the black and the red glaze in the middle to get this odd blue/purple design.

This is my attempt to make something easy and simple to eat out of when I want soup or cereal. I already christened it with some curried chickpeas.

That odd green olive color is the combination of the red glaze and the turquoise where they overlapped.

Just a Jar.

These are two more jars sculpted to look like owls. One will go to my mom, and the other one to me. An owl is what my  mom requested for mother's day.

And an arabian inspired teapot.

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  1. I love it.. All of it - especially the fish inspired piece :) I want you to make me something... Yes? haha.