Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last week of building and making

By Monday I should begin filming! I have finished all the puppets(only small details and cleanup left), and have a few sets to build. So far I have built this table and 3 chairs out of wood bought at salvation army, and some foamcore...

I stained it with some acrylic paint, then sanded it back to get some of the original wood color.

here is the dining room drawers(originally a bright colored jewelery box I painted and sanded and aged) with some of the plates and props on top

a plate on the table

two lovely ebay and thrift store finds. A small kerosene lamp and a teapot that was once a saltn pepper shaker.

the back wall to the farm house, made using fabric and print outs of wood. The wood planks are paper print outs that I bent and folded to look 3d- since I don't get close up on it to need it to be real wood. I made the molding out of foamcore board painted to match the wood printout. On this wall will hang a crucifix and a portrait. the drawers will be up against it with the lamp, and a grandfather clock on the other end.

the farm house for the wide shot of the prairie/farm. You don't get to close to it, it's a background prop

since you don't get close to it, I just printed out some textures of brick and shingles and then wrinkled them up and pasted them onto the foamcore model.

beginnings of a hill

plaster and paper towels to form the hill

looks like snow, but it will get brown tall grass

the beginnings of the wall background for the time clock pig man

it still needs clock faces

o look! a finished octopus!

and a rolling pig man!

the bee lady got some hair

the girl got new eyes(made using paper print out of irises, which I glued onto the old hardened clay eyes, then covered with clear nail polish), and some hair. The hair is made of thin sheets of latex which I embedded with armature wire and got glued to her head then painted black.they naturally became wavy when the latex stuck to itself.


  1. WOW everything looks GREAT!
    Those cog gears on the pig man are genius.
    I also like the wonky style of the farmhouse background model. And that table looks awesome with the distressing you did on it! Again, everything looks great and I love the style.

  2. Wow, it looks so amazing! The bee lady's hair is wonderful, really fits her character!

  3. You have been busy looking very nice